Auto Insurance

What you pay for auto insurance depends on several factors: prior claims, driving record, including speeding and other traffic citations in recent years; and the kind of car, how many miles and where you drive. For example, people who generally drive to and from work in or near a major city will tend to pay more for auto insurance than drivers who live in rural areas, have short commutes and primarily use their cars on weekends or for pleasure travel. A car that is popular with thieves or has expensive repair costs will cost more to insure. You can lower your insurance premium by raising the deductible, installing anti-theft devices, or dropping collision coverage if it’s an older car.

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Home Insurance

If you’re buying a home and have a mortgage, in most cases you will need to purchase homeowners insurance. The cost will vary according to the size and construction of the home: where it is (proximity to the coast or other natural hazards, e.g. fault line, wildfire zone); fire safety features; anti-theft devices and the property’s loss history. Insure your home for the cost of rebuilding it, not the market price. And make certain that the value of your insurance policy is keeping up with increases in local building costs.

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Commercial Insurance

With Great Lakes, you’ll find the coverage you need for all types of commercial insurance. We proudly represent many of the reliable names in the commercial insurance industry. We have many Health and Life Insurance companies to choose from.

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Life Insurance

It is important for every demographic, young or old, to consider their life insurance needs. When you are young, your life expectancy is high, which means the cost of life insurance is low. Life insurance becomes increasingly important if you have others who depend on you, including your aging parents.

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Health Insurance

We offer many options to provide medical coverages for individuals or groups. We also have many senior care plans for all your needs.

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